Don’t get used to

Well..uhm…well I’m not really in the mood to do it. How about tomorrow?

Sounds familiar? There are more excuses than we can imagine. Guess what. You won’t change a little bit in your life without a proper decision. I was, and can be bored sometimes but I managed to get myself a hobby which can’t be delayed no matter what (let’s exclude extremities).

One of my friends did. He got used to everday’s routine. And damn it I don’t seem to find a way to make him take a step outside that.



C ‘est la vie

I cursed around a bit lately and it doesn’t make me happy. Not a bit.
I won’t smoke because of someone… life is too short I guess.
Same fucker messing me and my colleagues’ stuff up.

Huge breath.

This doesn’t deserve to be mentioned again. Ever.

Excitement overrated

I’m back. This time for sure. To be honest I had an ongoing at my workplace. As I look back, it seems like there were more troubles than enough.

I had my own problems as I everybody does. Dayz were passing me by in no time and I didn’t realize any changes. So, one day we had a chance that one of us will take a step higher and our biggest fear was that our nemesis will get this role. We were about to collect signatures or have a look around if sh*t hits the fan you know. Logic dictated it cannot happen but the devil never sleeps.

Thank god no scale could ’tilt’ this big.

Misstep from the yellow brick

Things do happen with / around me. Problem is, as usual, when I am in the way of doing something and once take a step elsewhere, the habit can get confused. It means that getting back to that is much harder than expected. <any stuff to be placed here as topic: sport, study courses, having breakfast or writing, etc…>

I guess these happen because something replaces them. I was angry and excited at work, I have found this and that, which took energy and time (here and there money – do these three always go together?) and it was unavoidable. It comes to one’s mind to get back on track but the doing so falls away.

In the last weeks I felt so exhausted, only some days ago did I feel like I was relaxed. And that was great.

Only one thing left. I do hope it goes away soon…

Sleep anywhere

I could fall asleep anywhere…

Excusez moi – Summer kills/Beauty of stupidity

First I would like to apologize for not writing a word from anyone who reads this and myself. These last two weeks I’m dying because of the weather and the best thing I can do after work to lay on the ground waiting until evening brings colder. Outside this I do have stuff around myself, which is great yet tiring. Ok, let’s see what we got now.

Have you ever thought that anyone next to you on the bus or who-knows-where shouldn’t give life to a baby? Maybe you already recognized, that I’m not really hiding my thoughts and to be honest I don’t think I should be sorry for that.

So in my country at the moment it seems like we are on a road leading to sort of a dark medieval times like imagination, where the rich will be able to offer themselves proper education and the poor should be made controllable and to have the rights to do those jobs which in normal case nobody would like to.

poor soul

This, among (many) others will lead directly to a situation where human beings without the ability to think walk around any and everywhere and transmit this attribute / behavior to their descendants and so on.

You should know that the whole idea of writing about this was born after some of the last days’ events. To throw a factual example, I’ve encountered a conversation where the other being started the sentence like: “You won’t convince me about…” (for me and for some of my acquaintances the other part of this sentence is way too foolish) and I was like ‘”So why bother?”‘. Yeah well not wanting to go deeper into this crap I’ve finished it saying that we are at a variance in this topic.

Despite these every society had, has now and going to give space so to say…the less fortunate. (And to be honest if you’re far enough this is funny for a time period)

Week start

Thank God It's Monday

No mistery. Weekends should have no ending. One day to kill the whole week? It happens.

Well I had some stuff to do around the house during the weekend, but it’s not a reason for it to fly away this easy. Time didn’t give a f*ck. Phone rang in the morning and hours passed. Only difference between now and then that someone already got on my nerves and I have new things to worry about.

Deep breath. As I heard tomorrow brings refreshing rain.

Night without purpose

Bus. Again. Two beers, not more because I didn’t really want to. It was a must. Actually in some cases it really is.

So the hangout was based on something like a teambuliding with co-workers. But you know every one of us has other stuff to pay attention to and sometimes you just don’t feel like going out sounded any good. Despite that, fact is, every single person has to fake a smile sometimes. Or don’t and don’t be suprised if you aren’t going to be invited next time or you cannot join a previously started conversation.

I get the idea of utopistic ideas about doing only what you like but the way I see it life is more complex.

So here I go a bit drunk, thinking about what I could have been doing instead, yet it wasn’t that bad. At least feeling every single pothole on the way home with a more tired mind seems to be soothing somehow.